Professional male escort in Bratislava, Slovakia. Intelligent companion anywhere

Professional companion, male escort. Slovak gentleman at your service

The term “Viraĉo” in Esperanto means “guy”. My name is Andy Sebastian Moravek and I used this alias because, among other things, I work as a professional male escort. I live in Bratislava, Slovakia – but I like to visit or accompany you anywhere within the EU and beyond.

As professional male escort I provide the companion

in the original, true sense of the word.

  • I’ll sit with you in a cafe where we can just talk about absolutely anything. I really adore quality espresso or aromatic tea.
  • I’ll go with you for lunch or dinner. I do not protect myself from any objectively consumable food.
  • I will be your male escort in the cinema, in the theater or at another cultural event.
  • I will play dude / partner / fiancé in front of any company without any problems and convincingly. I have experience with performing in front of the camera (I have professional thematic performances, performances in shows and TV series). I can be really convincing.
  • I will be very happy to go for a walk or hiking with you, enthusiastically I will take any pet of yours.
  • I will accompany you to a corporate or entrepreneurial event in a gallant and distinguished way.

I consider it unnecessary to describe my own appearance

Photos (below) and video (soon) will be much better for creating an idea. Perhaps I will add that my most common clothing is sportswear. However, I do not have the slightest problem to dress in the most elegant and representative way, and thus completely adequate to the specific opportunity on which I should provide you with my professional male escort. My height is 175 cm.

My English is not as perfect as this text. I am speaking this language about 80% of the quality of this article. However, in addition to English, I speak German fluently and I also understand Russian quite well.

What I do not provide as a professional male escort

are sexual services. Of course, I am a single, healthy and heterosexually oriented man. Therefore, I do not claim to preclude any physical contact. However, I am not so-called gigolo.

Prices for my professional male escort

First hour€ 30
2 hours€ 50
3 hours€ 70
5 hours€ 100
12 hours so cca half of the day€ 150
24 hours so cca the whole day€ 200
Longer time than one full dayby agreement
Travel from Bratislava to the meeting place: within an hourfree
Travel from Bratislava – every next hour *€ 10

* Charged only for meetings shorter than 12 hours

To contact me, simple use my email address or cell phone +421 915 122 222.

The sources of the photos are (from left to right): Dávid Mahút, own archive,